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Should we stop pursuing scientific investitations while we still can?

Any major discovery almost instantly gets turned into a whole new and more deadly generation of weapons. Aren't weapons scary enough as it…

Started by Unseen

22 Apr 29, 2016
Reply by Strega

A quasi-objective morality without God: the anti-arbitrariness principle

Hi, as an atheist I have been watching several debates with William Lane Craig and others, and it started me thinking, especially about mor…

Started by Stijn Bruers

115 Feb 11, 2016
Reply by Pope Beanie

Understanding the definition of "sexual deviation"

"Sexual deviation" is defined as any kind of sexual activity that deviates from what is considered "normal" sexual activity. What is "norma…

Started by J

25 Feb 8, 2016
Reply by TJ

If it would save just one life

Often in ethical, political, or policy discussions, you'll hear something like, "Maybe it isn't the ultimate, final, or complete solution o…

Started by Unseen

34 Jan 27, 2016
Reply by Gregg RThomas

What about Buddhism?

Buddhism in its original form was not a theistic religion. Gautama Buddha was a teacher, not a deity. He was and is revered as a teacher an…

Started by Unseen

61 Dec 23, 2015
Reply by Simon Paynton

An ethical dilemma

Your brother is away on vacation. He isn't particularly wealthy, but he did find a Picasso painting at a garage sale which has been valued…

Started by Unseen

99 Dec 21, 2015
Reply by Unseen

Why do we consider killing an innocent person OK if they are further away?

More specifically, I was talking to some friends about the train track dilemma...and we have come to differing conclusions. Theoretical Sce…

Started by TJ

46 Nov 23, 2015
Reply by Davis Goodman

I'm confused about morality

What makes something moral or amoral? I feel like we've had this discussion a million times on Think Atheist in some way shape or form. I s…

Started by Belle Rose

235 Jul 9, 2015
Reply by Pope Beanie

A Christian on the problem of evil

I'm new here, but I'm going to take the plunge and start a discussion. In the I'm confused about morality thread, a few commenters raised t…

Started by David Vogel

168 Jun 29, 2015
Reply by Gallup's Mirror

Sex in prison

The woman who helped the two murderers escape from the Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York was apparently having sex with one…

Started by Unseen

20 Jun 18, 2015
Reply by Unseen


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