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Some people seem to believe that atheists are hateful. They think we don't care about anyone or anything that we just sit around making fun…

Started by Redlilly PondLatest Reply

What is the Value of Punitive Justice?

Before I pose my question, I will clarify what I mean by 'punitive justice' in this context. 'Justice' means only the creation and enforce…

Started by kris feenstraLatest Reply

Atheists and Weapons

I was recently in Alaska doing some work. The crew that I was working with was the stereo-typical conservative god fearing crowd. Something…

Started by GaytorLatest Reply

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Socratic Method

Thought this was a great example of the Socratic method involving whether or not an atheist can be a moral person. A Modern Example of the…

Started by Michael

5 on Tuesday
Reply by Ed

Illogic and the death penalty

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's verdict came down today. He will get death barring successful appeal. I don't want to discuss the verdict but rather th…

Started by Unseen

107 on Tuesday
Reply by Simon Mathews

Actually, violence does solve things

Violence never really deals with the basic evil of the situation. Violence may murder the murderer, but it doesn’t murder murder. Violence…

Started by Unseen

35 May 6
Reply by _Robert_

What is the difference between ethics and morals?

Ok. I'm no philosophy whiz, but I have an opinion on this issue that morals and ethics are NOT the same. My professor disagrees with me.…

Started by Belle Rose

63 May 1
Reply by Dr. Bob

Another philosophical question...

Since most people here are well versed in philosophy, I will skip the definitions, and cut to the chase Are you a monist or a pluralist?…

Started by Belle Rose

45 Apr 23
Reply by Simon Paynton

An ethical problem

Is it ethical to contract for a service you know in advance you'll be unable to pay for simply because you really need it? It may seem like…

Started by Unseen

33 Feb 18
Reply by Gallup's Mirror

Sam Harris on Charlie Hebdo Mr. Harris expounds on the failure of the media to respond to the atrocities of the recent events in Paris. He…

Started by Noel

2 Feb 3
Reply by Pope Beanie

Wisdom of the Hitch

"About once or twice every month I engage in public debates with those whose pressing need it is to woo and to win the approval of supe…

Started by John Jennings

0 Jan 18

What is love?

I feel like this should not be a difficult question to answer. We've been discussing on another thread that "god is a concept," and I'm won…

Started by Belle Rose

11 Jan 10
Reply by Simon Paynton

Torture Report release today

Let me start by saying that the commonly expressed view that torture never produces useful results is a big overstatement in my view. To sa…

Started by Unseen

134 Dec 19, 2014
Reply by Pope Beanie



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