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Share the religion in Afghanistan?'m horrified!  (I searched but coul…

Started by zoolady

8 Jan 24, 2010
Reply by No name

Help! Advice Please!

I'm applying to colleges to transfer to in the US. The vast majority of them are within 6 hours driving time of my home and almost all are…

Started by Skycomet the Fallen Angel

6 Jan 21, 2010
Reply by Michel-san

Everybody Hates Sarah

That's not exactly the title of the article but I didn't want "Jews" in the bold headline along with "Hate" -- a hex on the hate-mail-bots.…

Started by Kirk Holden

5 Jan 18, 2010
Reply by Morgan Matthew

Campaign against the proposed Irish blasphemy law

The advocacy group Atheist Ireland is campaigning actively against a government attempt to bring Ireland back to medieval times by reviving…

Started by Michael Nugent

3 Jan 4, 2010
Reply by GT

Sonoma County Enrages Theist

A post on another forum proudly links to a site that carries a story he commented on. The story is this. It was the week before Christmas…

Started by Reggie

2 Dec 29, 2009
Reply by Reggie

Laura Ingraham talks to devout atheist, Annie Laurie Gaylor, about her groups (Freedom from Religion Foundation) new ad campaign in Las Vegas

Started by Kristy

3 Dec 22, 2009
Reply by Nelson

Abstinence does work. It's just impossible to implement.

Republicans want people to have as many babies as they can. More Christians due to abstinence not working at all = a good thing as far as t…

Started by Sophie

15 Dec 17, 2009
Reply by Jacqueline Sarah Homan

North Carolina to bar elected official due to his beliefs I was amazed to read this, as I didn't realize that my state still had laws…

Started by Orlandin

6 Dec 9, 2009
Reply by Orlandin

"Manhattan Declaration" Basically Declares the Bigotry of Religious Right

The Family Research Council (and other Religious Right and Christian clergy) released the "Manhattan Declaration" last week. It is a 7-page…

Started by Johnny

8 Dec 6, 2009
Reply by Reggie

Marietta, GA Lawmakers Review 'So Help Me God' in Police Oath

City council members in Marietta, Ga., will consider changing the oath of office that the city's police officers take so that recruits can…

Started by Dave G

5 Nov 30, 2009
Reply by Johnny


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