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Language is the Mother of God

Prologue: I majored in Music so there is little behind what follows. Although I use the declarative, please assume "IMHO" preceding every s…

Started by MikeLong

0 Jan 7, 2013

First atheist-themed poem that I enjoyed

written by David William Peretiatko   "An Atheist in Love" This life to hold youThis time to sharemomentscold mountain napsrushing ocean an…

Started by Loop Johnny

13 Dec 31, 2012
Reply by onyango makagutu

Why do Freethinkers Bother?

"My only wish is ... to transform friends of God into friends of man, believers into thinkers, devotees of prayer into devotees of work, ca…

Started by Morgan Matthew

24 Apr 16, 2012
Reply by Logicallunatic

Your 'Aha!' Atheist Moment

So I 'came out' about my atheism recently to my parents, and they took it extremely well (I don't think they were that surprised, really),…

Started by Sol Invictus

58 Nov 23, 2011
Reply by Kyle

You never had a personal relationship with jesus!

Me your humble athiest:I am an athiest, I use to believe in Jesus, but that is silly because, imaginary gods aren't real. Righteous Dude:J…

Started by SomewhereInND

75 Aug 15, 2011
Reply by Eric Rohn Estes

How to Deal With Religious People if You Are an Atheist

Many devoted followers of the major religions see atheism as a disease to cure, or a sign that they should teach you their religion in orde…

Started by Morgan Matthew

5 Jul 5, 2011
Reply by Moral Atheist

You are stronger without god

If you were once religious then I am sure that you used to pray and ask for god's guidance and help when it came to facing sth serious or …

Started by idcollapse Ra

35 May 30, 2011
Reply by William C. Walker

Where You Afraid?

I remembered  today an experience I had when I was about 11 years old and going to church. They made us watch a movie(sort of) about hell,…

Started by natanael

25 May 30, 2011
Reply by Ronbun Kontan

Is Intelligent Design Really Intelligent? A paper I had to do for english

I was given the opportunity to do a paper in my English class on Intelligent Design. I only had 2 1/2 hours to write it and this is what I…

Started by Joli

133 Feb 27, 2011
Reply by scLovely

Family and atheism

Well... okay. I need advice.I have been an in-the-closet atheist most of my life after be chastised and treated badly at school for being t…

Started by Desirai

3 Nov 19, 2010
Reply by sukhdeep


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