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The Problem of Omniscience

If I were God, I'd know the entire history of the universe forever, future as well as past, I'd also know in advance every one of my own ac…

Started by Unseen in PhilosophyLatest Reply

I'm confused about morality

What makes something moral or amoral? I feel like we've had this discussion a million times on Think Atheist in some way shape or form. I s…

Started by Belle Rose in Ethics & MoralsLatest Reply

Cognitive dissonance and terror management.

Is Cognative dissonance and terror management the impetus for this vehement hatred of atheists? Are we a threat to the immortality projects…

Started by Dronepiper in Religion and the Religious, Atheism and AtheistsLatest Reply

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Are you for or against the TPP (TransPacific Partnership)?

President Obama seems determined to get it done, but labor and progressives and even many conservatives are against it. And why are the det…

Started by Unseen in Politics

1 36 minutes ago
Reply by Belle Rose

Mandatory reporting laws and female genital mutilation

I'm wondering if female genital mutilation is considered something that is under the "mandatory reporting laws." I recently started volunte…

Started by Belle Rose in Law, Trials, and Decisions

0 46 minutes ago

Cartoonist predicts Trump will be the GOP nominee. Explains why. And...he's not joking!

Related article here.

Started by Unseen in Politics

14 5 hours ago
Reply by Unseen

Ten dead and seven wounded in "no gun zone."

"Well, how's that 'no gun' thing going for ya?" By latest count, ten have been killed and seven wounded according to the latest news report…

Started by Unseen in Crime and Punishment

106 22 hours ago
Reply by Unseen

Religious Climate in America in 2005…/episo…/290/godless-america This is a podcast from about a decade ago that highlights issues of separation…

Started by Emily DeWoolfson in Politics

2 yesterday
Reply by Emily DeWoolfson

Ronda Rousey on cover of Aus. Men's Fitness magazine

Found this article this morning and instantly thought Belle would be interested to hear about it... may as well make a discussion. The Arti…

Started by matt.clerke in Art

47 yesterday
Reply by matt.clerke

Pluto's blue haze

Soft unassuming beauty...isn't it? FULL ARTICLE

Started by Davis Goodman in Small Talk

3 on Sunday
Reply by Michael

I want to become a about you?

I am on my way to becoming a minimalist. Would you ever consider it? I found the article below intriguing..... So what is this whole mini…

Started by Belle Rose in Small Talk

58 on Saturday
Reply by Davis Goodman

Creationism's Biggest Problem

We've all heard the arguments. Whether it be from Bill Nye in his debate against Ken Ham, or from Richard Dawkins in one of his many inspir…

Started by Josh Anon in Theistic Arguments and Debate Help

11 on Saturday
Reply by Freethinker784

Religion, Spirituality, and the Hidden Curriculum: Medical Student and Faculty Reflections

Interesting scholarly article discussing religion, spirituality and medical training. I see many problems with the methodology (especially…

Started by Davis Goodman in Small Talk

1 on Friday
Reply by Simon Paynton



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