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The Problem of Omniscience

If I were God, I'd know the entire history of the universe forever, future as well as past, I'd also know in advance every one of my own ac…

Started by Unseen in PhilosophyLatest Reply

I'm confused about morality

What makes something moral or amoral? I feel like we've had this discussion a million times on Think Atheist in some way shape or form. I s…

Started by Belle Rose in Ethics & MoralsLatest Reply

Cognitive dissonance and terror management.

Is Cognative dissonance and terror management the impetus for this vehement hatred of atheists? Are we a threat to the immortality projects…

Started by Dronepiper in Religion and the Religious, Atheism and AtheistsLatest Reply

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Why do Atheists have to be freaking science experts?

I like science as much as the next Atheist, but I'm no expert and don't have the background to expound on the details of scientifically bas…

Started by Kirk LeFou in Physics, Astronomy, Cosmology

235 19 minutes ago
Reply by TJ

Dr. Bob...explain something for me...please.

This article came out (and this one on another site) which talked about dark matter stretching outwards from Earth in think hair like strea…

Started by Davis Goodman in Small Talk

12 21 minutes ago
Reply by TJ


armed with a degree in theology, over the years i have come up with specific questions to ask of christians. indeed i even attend "alpha co…

Started by Sebastian Bond in Theistic Arguments and Debate Help

277 50 minutes ago
Reply by TJ

Help Me, I'm New

Okay, I gets is isn't really a discussion question, but too bad. I'm new to this website, and I don't really know how to work it. Pointers?…

Started by Myah in Small Talk

7 8 hours ago
Reply by Simon Paynton

Ten dead and seven wounded in "no gun zone."

"Well, how's that 'no gun' thing going for ya?" By latest count, ten have been killed and seven wounded according to the latest news report…

Started by Unseen in Crime and Punishment

142 8 hours ago
Reply by Unseen

Anarchism: threat or menace? (Scott Graves, this means you)

Okay, forgive me the attention-getting headline.  Scott Graves has proclaimed himself an anarchist. I went through this phase for about a y…

Started by Unseen in Politics

91 14 hours ago
Reply by Ian Morrison

What is a "Refugee?"

How would YOU define a refugee? It may seem self explanatory....but is it? It's like nailing jello to the wall....But it must be defined A…

Started by Belle Rose in Society

24 18 hours ago
Reply by Belle Rose

American Freedom I read this article, and since all I've ever known is America,…

Started by Jennifer L in Politics, Economics, Civil and Reproductive Rights, International Conflicts

27 22 hours ago
Reply by Dr. Bob

Sugarcoating reality

And 4 years too late.... Focus on the Family and Family Life Today have recently run programs focusing on domestic violence. 4 years ago I…

Started by Belle Rose in Society

9 23 hours ago
Reply by Dr. Bob

Hell Has No Fury Like An Idealist Disappointed

The world we live in disappoints many idealists. I could write a book describing the furies I felt. Instead, I ask "When for most children…

Started by Tom Sarbeck in Small Talk

4 yesterday
Reply by Pope Beanie


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