Dr. Robert Price- Night of the Living Savior: Neglected Aspects of the Resurrection Debate, Excerpts

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Dr. Robert Price's book, Night of the Living Savior: Neglected Aspects of the Resurrection Debate, is, just like the subtitle suggests, an exposition of some of the issues surrounding the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus that often get missed. The audiobook is being edited for publication right now but we're glad to be able to feature some excerpts of the book beginning with one from the fifth chapter titled "The Ruin of Rationalism- Dying and Rising Gods". These excerpts are full enough that no additional commentary need be offered for the sake of understanding. The point that he wishes to make is "Why on earth grant special consideration to the [dying and rising god] case of Jesus, just because it is the one we grew up believing?" (p. 175)


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Dr. Price, a former guest of the Think Atheist Radio Show, is a professor of theology and scriptural studies at Coleman Theological Seminary. He's a host of the Point of Inquiry podcast. He founded and edited a biblical criticism journal, the Journal of Higher Criticism. In addition, Dr. Price is a fellow with The Jesus Seminar, a group of 150 or so scholars and lay experts who vote on their view of the historicity of the words and deeds of Jesus. He's also a fellow with The Committee for the Scientific Examination of Religion, a research fellow with the Center For Inquiry, and, as if that wasn't enough, he created and hosts the Bible Geek podcast that presents theology "without the spin." Dr. Price is the author of numerous books, including The Case Against the Case for Christ, Incredible Shrinking Son of Man, Deconstructing Jesus, and Inerrant The Wind, while editing a book with Jeffrey Jay Lowder on the historicity of the resurrection, The Empty Tomb. He is also contributor to John Loftus's new anthology, The End of Christianity, a book we're having a contest for signed copies of this weekend August 5-7!



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